How You Can Sell Your Property Quickly

In today’s internet based world, there is more than one way to sell a property quickly, and – who buy any house for fast cash, has most options covered when it comes to fast property sales. We have been in the industry for a long time, and we have developed and structured various alternatives for individuals that want to sell their houses fast.


Most other ‘quick sale’ companies on the internet will only be able to make you one offer – and that is a cash sale offer. This is (as a general rule) very far behind market value. In some instances, company offers may be as far as 40% below the current market value of your home. This is not ideal for everyone, and not something that most people are willing to accept. Having said that, the generic quick sale cash buying companies do serve a purpose in that they can offer you a fast sale, and can get the job done putting cash in your bank quickly!

At TopCashOffer we like to offer our customers an alternative – to everything! We aren’t an estate agent, but we can list your property on the open market. We aren’t specifically a cash buying firm, but we do have cash funds waiting to buy property. We aren’t an auction house either – but we have teamed up with the UK’s biggest auction house to offer our customers a fantastic price and realistic sales figures.

The fact is that we are all of the above! We are the industries property specialist in quick home sales.

Cash buying service – We are the industries biggest buyer of property for fast cash. We can complete on a sale in 7 – 10 days, and we don’t charge you any fees. The benefits to selling for cash with us is that you are guaranteed to get the best price around for your home, you will get the quickest sale available and remember, that we buy any home regardless of it’s condition or location!

Online estate agency – WPTM also offer you the chance to sell your home quickly on the open market using our fast sale estate agency service. Our reps will give you full details of your selling options when you speak to us, however what I will say is that our agency has one of the best track records in the industry for fast sales of property.

Auction sale – We are partnered with the UK’s biggest auction house, and can offer you a quick sale through the modern method of auction. This type of sale needs to be discussed with our advisors but could be a good option for.

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