Energy Performance Certificate – Is it a necessity and standard requirement for selling a property?


An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for short, needs to be at least in the application stage, before you proceed to put a house or property on the market and up for sale. Acquiring this certificate, should not cause undue expense or produce complications.


Energy Performance Certificate

– This is a document, and standard form, which analyses the energy efficiency of a property. This must be given to prospective buyers, by the seller.

– EPC’s, offer details of the energy consumption, and running costs. Offering their views about how this can be done with more efficiency, and at a lower cost. There are differing bands, using letters from A – G as a scale. A being the more efficient, energy wise, G being the lesser efficient.

– Scotland insists, that sellers have a more in depth report on their home. This includes not only an E.P.C. but a property questionnaire and house survey.

Green Deal assessment and E.P.C. do I require both?

– No, is the answer to this question. With the Green Deal assessment, there are two separate documents. The E.P.C. is one, and the other one is an Occupancy Assessment, which concentrates on household personalised information. So, you are not required to pay again, for a separate E.P.C. as this is included.

– The Green Deal, can allow home owners, to borrow money, to improve their energy resources, to make them more efficient. But concludes, that the repayments must not be any more than the savings made from their improvements.

– The report, from your E.P.C. will be accepted , and you will receive a bursary for your improvements, that were recommended under the deal.

Is an E.P.C. for everyone?

– Listed buildings, are exempt from needing an E.P.C. certificate. Suggested improvements, such as double glazing, can’t be implemented because structural changes, maybe required, but they are prohibited in a listed dwelling.

– Make sure, you apply early for an E.P.C. certificate, as this is required before you sell, as stated earlier. It may slow procedures down, if you haven’t even applied for one. There are very few instances, where being exempt from this certificate occurs.

How long is the E.P.C. certificate valid for?

This certificate was first introduced in 2007, and they are valid for a 10 year period.

What is the cost and where can I get one?

You can get an E.P.C. certificate, for as little as £24.00 in England and Wales, for a small apartment, in the centre of the city, leading to approximately £120.00 for a much larger property in a more remote area.

Shop around, for the cheapest in your area. Info can be found via a list of accredited energy assessors, which can be easily sourced from the internet.

– If you live in Scotland, it is more expensive for a home report, which can start from £650.00 Estate agents, will be able to give a quote for an energy report and survey, also the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

– Estate agents, will charge commission, if they arrange an E.P.C. Prices can be juggled, don’t except a too costly price, negotiate!

Will paying more, for an expensive E.P.C. attract more buyers?

Don’t go for the expensive option. An ordinary E.P.C. will allow you to sell your property, and this is the main point of the exercise.

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